Your thermostat may be small, out of the way, and something you rarely think about all that often, but the truth is it’s one of the most vital components to your entire heating and cooling system. While your compressor, condenser, heating and cooling coils, and all of the other parts that make heating and cooling happen are the brawn that gets the job done, your thermostat is the brain that controls them, turning them on and off at the right time in order to maintain your ideal temperature. At Master Plumbing Heating Cooling, we offer a complete selection of thermostat service, including repairing broken units, replacing worn-out or aging thermostats with modern, high-tech ones, and even calibrating or maintaining thermostats so they can do their job better.

Master Plumbing Heating Cooling knows that without your thermostat, your heating and cooling system is pretty worthless. You depend on your thermostat to work properly, so we make it a point to ensure it does at all times. We deliver high-quality workmanship, quality replacement parts, and customer service that’s friendly and trustworthy. We want to earn your satisfaction, plain and simple, and we go to great lengths in order to obtain it. We’re even available to help you 24/7 in the event your thermostat quits on you when you least expect it. When your thermostat is the reason you can’t utilize your heating and cooling system, our mission is to get it working as soon as possible, whenever that may be.


Thermostats are not invulnerable—after a while, they will eventually break down. While almost all electronic devices are prone to breaking eventually, even the old full-metal mechanical thermostats will eventually wear out. Parts will stretch or warp, metal will corrode, and eventually any thermostat will need to be repaired. When your thermostat has broken down and needs to be repaired, Master Plumbing Heating Cooling will get it done.

We fix all types of thermostat problems, including:

  • Thermostat not turning on heating or cooling
  • Thermostat showing a wrong temperature
  • Thermostat showing inconsistent temperatures
  • Thermostat showing a blank or faint screen
  • Thermostat causing short-cycling or excessively turning on and off


Is something wrong with your thermostat? Master Plumbing Heating Cooling will figure it out. With thermostats, what you see isn’t always the source of the issue, and likewise what you think may not always be the case. We’ve helped thousands of Long Island residents get to the bottom of their thermostat problems and we’d love to help you too.


Smart thermostats are an outstanding investment in your home comfort and energy efficiency. By controlling your air conditioner more precisely and using a connection to the internet to constantly receive newer and better instructions, your smart thermostat will be able to more precisely control your home’s temperature, keep you more comfortable, and do so while using less energy than ever before. Some of these thermostats even offer you the ability to control your thermostat from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or a tablet. Some units even learn from you, calculating your adjustments and then making them automatically in order to keep you more comfortable all year long without so much as a single adjustment to the temperature setting!

Whatever type of thermostat you’re looking for or what service you need, turn to Master Plumbing Heating Cooling for services you can count on! Contact us here or at 516-613-3524 today!

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