At Master Plumbing Heating Cooling, we know we’ve just been hit with our first bout of snow this winter here on Long Island, and it’s probably got you thinking about last year’s winter weather. How did your home fare in all of the snow and ice? If you had ice dams on your roof last winter, chances are you’re going to have them again this year — and they may even cause water damage to your home’s roof and interior this time around. To protect your house from potential water damage this winter, now is the time to take active measures to prevent ice dam formation on your roof.

What Your Ice Dams Are Telling You

Ice dams begin to form when heat in your attic melts the snow and ice that has accumulated on your roof. This melted snow then flows down your roof and refreezes along the edges where it is cooler. Ice dams and large icicles gradually begin to form, causing other melted snow to pool up on your roof and leak into your home.

Because ice dam formation starts with heat in the attic, ice dams along the edge of your roof are a clear sign that your attic is not properly insulated. This means that in addition to your home taking physical damage, you are also losing money through wasted heat leaving your home. If you notice ice dams on your roof, it’s important to act quickly to minimize physical damage and put an end to wasted energy through your attic.

What You Can Do For Prevention

Preventing ice dams starts with scheduling a home energy audit. Through a home energy audit, you’ll find out where exactly where heat is leaving your home. An energy expert will test for air leakage and insulation gaps, paying specific attention to your attic where heat loss is leading to ice dam formation. Then, your energy expert will recommend air sealing and insulation in the places in your attic that need it most. Air sealing will eliminate those holes and cracks that are leaking warm air, while insulation will prevent heat from your home from gathering in the attic in the first place. Once you hire a professional to air seal and insulate your home, you can rest easy knowing that your roof will remain free of ice dams — not only this winter but for many winters to come.

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