It’s getting cold outside, so we have to do what we can to stay as warm as possible inside. Don’t be afraid to do some furnace maintenance every month or two. You could notice something that saves you money or even saves your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

#1: Strange Smells

Furnaces can smell like gas when they first run, but the smell should go away over time. If your unit is older, a strong smell can be indicative of a gas leak. Have a qualified technician check it out.

#2: Soot Buildup

When you inspect your furnace, look for any dark soot buildup. If you see this, especially around the ducts coming out from the furnace, then your family could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If this is the case, you shouldn’t delay in asking for help. Our hotline is running 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (631) 391-9292.

#3: Pilot Light Issues

The pilot light is what allows your furnace’s burners to burn. If you notice that it shuts off randomly, it will affect your furnace’s performance.

Additionally, pay attention to the color of the pilot light in your furnace. It should be a steady blue. If it consistently flickers or is orange, there is likely a ventilation issue caused by dust buildup within the unit. Your home won’t heat as well as it should, and the discoloration might be a sign of carbon monoxide as well.

#4: Not Heating Up Well

Your heater has one job—to heat your home! If it’s not doing that well, then, of course, there is a problem. If you notice cold air coming from the unit, it might be a simple fix like switching your thermostats fan to auto, or there could be an issue with your furnace itself. Read our blog on furnaces blowing cold to learn more about this potential issue!

If you have any questions about furnace maintenance, give us at Master Plumbing Heating Cooling a call at (516) 613-3524 or fill out an online contact form!

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