We rely on our boilers to heat our homes and make us comfortable. However, to do that, we need our systems to work! Every homeowner can do their due diligence to ensure that their boiler is in excellent condition by catching problems before they require repair or full-on replacement. Here are the main signs your furnace needs repairs.


Your boiler won’t be silent, but it also shouldn’t be super loud! A quiet whirring or the occasional click is perfectly normal. Loud bangs or whistling are not typical. They should be relatively easy to hear throughout your house, but especially if your boiler is in a more remote area of the home, you should check on it every once in a while.


Boilers typically run on fossil fuels like natural gas. This is why strange smells emanating from your system can be so dangerous. Watch out for the smell of sulfur, which is similar to rotten eggs. This is indicative of a gas leak. Natural gas is odorless, but your gas company adds a foul-smelling compound called mercaptan so that leaks can be more easily detected.

Higher Costs

Your utility bill is like a report card for your home’s vital systems. If costs spike, it means that something has likely gone wrong. Please keep track of your expenditures month to month and compare them so you know what your baseline amount should be. If things stray from the norm and you don’t know why it’s probably worth investigating.


Your boiler can have gas leaks, but it can also be subject to water leaks. If you notice puddles or other signs of a leak near your unit, wipe it up and wait a few hours. If the pool reappears, you likely have a water leak on your hands.

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