Scorching heat has yet to hit Long Island, but it’ll be here soon. If you were uncomfortable at home this winter or still sweat at the mere thought of the past summer, you’ll likely be hot and uncomfortable at home in just a few weeks. Fortunately, your home’s comfort problems can be resolved for the long-term with insulation.

How Does Insulation Work?

When you head to the beach during the summer, you’ll likely be toting a cooler to keep the drinks cool. The insulated walls of the cooler keep heat out. Now think about a warm, down comforter you snuggle up under in the winter. The down works to keep heat in.

Insulation works by reducing heat transfer and keeping heat where it is. This means an insulated home will not only be more comfortable during the summer, but it will also be significantly cozier during the winter.

Finding Problem Areas in Your Long Island Home

Most homes across Nassau and Long Island experience problems with discomfort which in turn leads to even higher energy bills. The surest way to discover what’s causing issues with discomfort and energy inefficiency is with a home energy audit.

After a total analysis using inspections and precise measurement tools, an expert auditor will provide you with a solution. This may involve air sealing and insulating specific areas (commonly the attic) and perhaps upgrading your heating and air conditioning systems to more energy efficient models.

Comfort & Savings with Air Sealing & Insulation

Although many homeowners attribute a second floor that’s too hot during the summer to poor air conditioning, the real cause is generally inadequate attic insulation. By improving your home through air sealing and insulation, you’ll be able to rest easy in a comfortable and cool home this summer, while staying toasting once the freezing temperatures hit in winter.

Stay Comfortable with Help from Master Plumbing Heating Cooling

Our top priority at Master Plumbing Heating Cooling is to keep you, your family, and your home comfortable. With an energy assessment, we’ll be able to determine what’s causing those uneven temperatures, poor indoor air quality, and increasing energy bills. Then with insulation, we’ll increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort levels. Finally, we can also help you upgrade to a more efficient air conditioner or mini-split to keep your home cool all summer long.

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