In most of our lifetimes, technology has progressed at an absolutely unprecedented rate. We went from small, boxy black and white TVs with only three channels, to flatscreen 4k TVs big enough to make a movie screen blush. With all this new technology, the underlying message remains clear: get with the times or get left behind. Your heating system is no different. 

As heating systems age, there is an inevitable loss of efficiency over time. Loss of efficiency means larger heating bills, which no one likes. There are a few options you can pursue with regard to heating modernization, with varying levels of effectiveness. 

Buy a New Furnace

One of the easiest, albeit expensive, ways to upgrade your heating system is to outright buy a new furnace. Most homes have older furnaces installed, and those come with a laundry list of issues inherent with age. Older furnaces leak water, fail to heat the entire home (resulting in cold spots), and generally operate at a fraction of their original capabilities. Furnaces developed in the last ten years have surpassed the older models in terms of efficiency and overall heating power. 

New Insulation

When we talk about heating, we often talk about boilers, furnaces, space heaters, and the like. But while this hardware is important in providing your home with heat, good insulation is paramount in keeping that heat in your home. As time progressed, we have access to vastly improved insulation materials that are better than ever at keeping hot air in and cold air out. Upgrading your insulation is a great way to ensure your heating efforts aren’t going out the window this winter.

Go Green 

There’s a lot that can be said for going green. It’s good for the environment, obviously, but many people don’t realize the other benefits of leveraging technology. Eco-friendly heating options have an admittedly deserved reputation for being pricey at the initial installation. But often overlooked is their ability to save you money in the long run. As a requisite of being “green”, these technologies are very focused on their ability to be efficient, meaning that very little, if any, heat goes to waste. When nothing goes to waste, you get more for your money, and no one ever complains about better value.  

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