Electric Space Heater Dangers: Don’t Ignore These!

dangerous portable electric space heaters

There are plenty of contrasting opinions regarding the use of indoor electrical space heaters. People in favor of using electric space heaters argue that they utilize less energy and therefore save tons of money. With today’s energy costs, that typically isn’t the case, and electric space heater dangers are not something to ignore. 

While these benefits tempt users to purchase this equipment, the dangers of electric space heaters cannot be ignored. If you feel that the pros outweigh the cons, you’re in for a surprising revelation. 

Uses Of Electric Space Heaters

Electric space heaters are in soaring demand, mainly due to their space-focused heating services. These heating devices eliminate cold temperatures in single rooms or small areas. Hence, electric space heaters can be a handy alternative if you own a small apartment and want instant heating without spending huge bucks on central heaters.

Their compact size makes them convenient to transport throughout your home. Thus, they can be conveniently carried off to different locations and serve as space heaters when the furnace breaks down or is undergoing maintenance. Furthermore, electric space heaters focus on providing warmth to the occupants in a room and their immediate surroundings rather than the entire home. This makes their dangers and inefficiencies less conspicuous.

Electric Space Heater Dangers

While electric space heaters seem like convenient heating supplements, the risks they pose to your safety are not worth it.

Risk of Fire

The most concerning electric space heater dangers is that they pose a severe risk of household fires. Keeping them near your bed, carpets, rugs, or any other flammable materials can lead to fires. Statistics released by the National Fire Protection Association state that 40% of deaths in space heater fires are from portable electric space heaters.

Demand Constant Attention

Leaving electric space heaters unattended increases the risk in devastating house fires. They must be under constant supervision to avoid disaster. Homes with children, pets, or crowded rooms are at high-risk of electric space heater-related perils.

Are Electric Space Heaters Energy Efficient?

Let’s take a look at how electric space heaters compare to other heating devices in the market and buyers’ biggest nightmare: increasing electricity prices.

Electric Space Heaters vs. Central Heaters

Electric space heaters are designed to offer heating services to a single room. Thus, you’ll need to purchase several space heaters if you have several rooms in your house or apartment. In contrast, central heaters are powerful enough to send warmth throughout the house. This makes them more efficient than any space heaters in the market.

Effect on Electricity Bills

Different space heaters are assigned contrasting wattages, which informs the user of how much electricity each heater consumes. Depending on the duration these heaters are plugged in, your electricity bill can skyrocket. Regardless of the time, considering the space that these heaters can heat, the electricity that is consumed is astronomical. 


Considering the safety risk and the high electricity bills that come with electric space heaters, these heating devices are certainly not as energy efficient or safe to use as their manufacturers would like us to believe. Instead, you should opt for a new central heating system or invest in repairing your broken heater this winter season. Call Master PHC for heating repair or heating replacement. Don’t forget to check out our Google reviews!

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