New York is one of the leading states in the fight against climate change, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do more. One fundamental way we can improve is water consumption.

According to a study from the USGS, New York households consume around 97 gallons of water per day, putting us firmly above average when compared to other states. Before we can learn how to do better, we have to learn why we need to address this issue.

Why Reduce Water Consumption

Even though out Earth is covered in it, water is a limited resource. Less than 1% of the water on Earth is suitable for drinking. If we adopted small changes throughout every New York household, we could make a huge difference.

Water is also projected to be a more valuable resource in the future due to droughts and population growth, which means we need to make efforts now to reduce our use before economics or conflict forces us to.

Your water bill likely costs you around 60 to 70 dollars a month, which adds up to quite a bit over time. The good news is that you’ll be saving money by consuming less.

Good Habits You Can Implement

There are so many great ways to reduce your consumption. Most of the tips are about being mindful of your water use. Shortening your shower time or turning the water off while you are brushing your teeth are great habits to implement.

Additionally, be aware of your major water appliances. An old water heater can waste water through leaks. In addition, people consume water, waiting for their faucets to heat up. Both of those problems can be fixed by installing a new tankless water heater that will give you on-demand water and won’t have a large tank that is susceptible to leaks.

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